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Digestive Personalities is an on-line workshop guiding self-discovery of your digestive nature. You'll get to know your individual stomach's personality and why your digesitve nature is unique through a combination of modern-day nutrition, ancient secrets, and spiritual seasonings. Personalized digestive insights help you to explore, evaluate and determine what's best--to keep you feeling good! 

  • 7 Digestive Types--which one is most like yours?
  • How to determine your stomach's personality?
  • How your digestive fire influences metabolism
  • How metabolism patterns your digestive type
  • How to listen to your digestive communications
  • Meet Your Hosts, Cookin' Claire and The Quirky Chef

* Creative activities inspire self-awareness and digestive understanding along with entertaining characters who
   display qualities and traits to help identify your digestive personality and how paying attention to subtle cellular
   communication and tactile experiences can show you the connection between digestion, mind, and heart and
   how they affect one another.
* Introduction to two ancient sciences combined with modern science. Ayurveda is a ancient science illustrating a genetic blueprint of body, digestion, and mind through our colorful characters who depict various personality traits relative to your digestion. Jyotish Astrology is a spiritual science highlighting choices, causes and effects highlighted in birth charts. Age-old nutritional secrets hosted by our Quirky Chef in experimental recipes help to personalize digestive insights on an individual basis.

* Individual Discussion and Communitiy Room postings with access to Cookin' Claire and the Quirky Chef.

Playful Characters like; Rafael, Journalist and busy bee who flies throughout the internet finding nutritional
   information and personalizing it, per digestive type.  Don't  be surprised if you find a dash of mystique and a
   sprinkle of spiritual notes when a Wise Sage from the planet Tasmar visits to remind us--there's a wise sage
   inside of all of us.

Similar to spices that awaken when slightly heated, intuition awakens with self-awareness. You might say, intuition is the abiity to decipher between the noise of thought and the silence of knowingness. Whereas, self-awareness is the ability to decipher between the noise of living and the silence hiding between the lines of 'listening.'
​                                                                  Ponder that for a while!