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Readers meet all types of personalities from Earth to the Cosmo are bringing ancient health secrets rooted in Ayurveda (an ancient medical system from India) to you in new ways illustrating how their qualities can combine to form and individualize food, bodies, minds and yes, even stomachs! While you learn novel ways to see food groups, nutrition labels and cooking methods, you'll discover why your digestion is different from anyone else. Each magazine is informational, colorful, creative and entertaining. It's easy, when you click to become a member, you will be directed to a landing page to join up. First, you'll set up a simple account and then choose the Magazine Room option and start reading. Each quarter our new magazine will arrive. You can take your time, come and go at your own pace and enjoy each and every page for as long as you like.

Become a member of our Magazine Room. Characters keep you smiling, Cookin’ Claire,your host and guide provides experimental recipes by digestive type while Rafael, our busy Journalist bee buzzes through the Internet looking for general nutrition information that he breaks down in articles by digestive types. There are games, prizes, surprises and much more.  


​​Does your stomach have a name? 
Have you ever thought of your stomach as a very good friend? Why Not? It's always there for you. It accepting, just the way you are - quirks and all and it supports you even when its upset. Now, there's a way to return the favor by understanding and support ing your stomach by learning digestive-awareness. You might even discover, it not only communicates, it does have a name!
 7 Digestive Types: which one is most like yours?
You'll learn about 7 Digestive types that give you a starting point for beginning your digestive self-evaluation. By choosing the one most like you and then applying what you learn from our magazines, you'll come to recognize that the condition of your individual digestion is determined by the condition of your digestive fire and metabolism. Together, they pattern a digestive type that's unique to you and only you!  Make your way to self-discovery and decide for yourself what's reasonable for you to do to support your friend and encourage a properly functioning digestion.