Once you’ve registered and started the Digestive Personalities Program or subscribed to the Magazine Reading Room and have begun the course, or reading your magazines your digestive report can be a valuable option. As you experiment with recipes, take notes and evaluate your digestive type, you can use your Jyotish Digestive Report to compare your own f indings or as a guide to your self-inquiry.

Your Digestive Report shows how the stars evaluate your stomach’s personality from a body, mind and spirit view. Tid-bits in your report can also offer new thoughts and ideas as to how you might tweak your dietary habits so that it works for you —and your stomach!

 Jyotish is a spiritual science so there’s an added benefit; it offers another perspective to why, we feel the way we do about food, our life’s choices, and attractions. Sometimes, the cause of digestive unrest and what your stomach is trying to tell you is playing out in the stars.

You can read more about Jyotish Astrology here: planetarypersonalities.com and follow the directions to place your order.
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