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Hello, I'm Cookin' Claire and Here's My Delicious Story...

Once, if someone would tell me that an ancient science stands on the idea that 'doctors should first be good cooks’, I would laugh it away drawing no comparison between a medicine degree and any sense of nutrition  or  a  grocery list. Later, when I discovered Ayurveda and Jyotish Astrology, the true meaning of that comment dawned  upon me. The idea of creatively combining ingredients with ancient nutritional secrets  to  personalize  healing  was  an  eye-opener, especially when spiritual awareness was tossed in to spice things up. 

Then I was introduced to the rules of food-combining only to be mystified by the concept of planetary energies impacting our food intake; similar to how certain personalities add good or bad sensations to our stomachs. I was hooked with the realization that proper food combining is no different than those divine forces that combine and come together to improve or disrupt our health. It wasn’t just what food we digest, it was a combination of the elements and the who, what, where, how, when, and why! 

I felt like I had discovered the secret ingredient or the secret sauce couldn’t wait to share it! 

My insuppressible curiosity, quirky side and desire to discover secrets and share knowledge made me create this delicious program by linking partner sites ‘Cooking as Medicine’ and ‘Planetary Personalities’ through Allotta Creations in order to blend age-old secrets and combine them into a Digestive Personalities Workshop that's topped
with a dash of fun and entertainment. Why accept stress when you can learn in play. 

My Ingredients 
psychology, food production, business, technology and
organic blends of Gurus, Jyotish Astrology, and 
Ayurveda health and healing. 

Bake TimeUntil I feel it’s done!
My Recipe for Success:

Have you ever seen a Croquembouche? How scrumptuous, and surprising it is to pull out
a puff from the sugar spun caramel cream puff tower?  This is how my program works.  A
delectable combination of  my  experiences, experiments  and  self-observations that  are
instrumental for self-healing and digestive health according to  individual  digestive  types.
You can pull out any one of the puffs from the tower and  have a  taste of  everything  that
goes into making it.  I envision  kitchens  where  curiousity  helps  each  person  use self-
discovery and  digestive insights to  understand their digestive nature as one of  a  kind.  I
find this way of living worth living...where in helping others and using my God-given talents, I can in some way help to create a happy and healthy experience for everyone.
Croquembouche (Cream Puff Tower)