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Cooking as Medicine combines modern science seasoned with age-old wisdom from Ayurveda (an ancient medical science from India), blended with spicy astrological notes from the spiritual science of Jyotish astrology. Our on-line workshop and magazine room used this combination to create a novel and playful ambiance emphasizing self-awareness. One thing you'll discover is that our activities aren't quite like anything you've ever seen before. What we do in our workshop a cast of colorful characters is special, and quirky, and a little weird. That's because underneath the learning, playful activities and guided lessons, the end result is really about just one thing...feeling good and celebrating what's unique about every living person--starting with you! Self-inquiry into your digestive nature inspires insights into your unique digestive personality so that you stay in balance and feeling good.  

Digestive Personalities Workshop: Were you aware that what goes on in your thoughts can upset your stomach and an upset stomach can do the same to your mind? Some foods that are incompatible with your digestive type can actually create negative thoughts or sudden unwelcome emotions. Ever feel grumpy after eating certain foods? Does your stomach hurt or bloat when you're angry, worried or emotionally upset? If you would like to know more about the link between your stomach, brain, heart, and what you can do about digestive discomfort, consider registering for our on-going, on-line workshop.

You'll not only come away with a new understanding of yourself, you may find a new way to understand others. After-all, none of us can help the personality assigned to our stomach upon birth -- we just have to get along with it. And, that means taking the time to get to know it, as you would a good friend.

You don't have to be a chef to get to know your digestive type or to bring about self-awareness nor will you have to put more time into your already busy schedule. You'll find lots of ways to engage through our workshop, art and humor, tools you can use at home, ameteur and peculiar cooking videos that demonstrate ways you can tweak food and beverages for your unique stomach's personality. Or you can simply choose to escape for a peaceful read of Cooking as Medicine magazines in our on-line Magazine Reading Room where like our workshop, you can go at your own time and pace. Just one small digestive insight can make a big difference in how you feel.

REGISTER for Digestive Personalities Workshop where you'll be guided by Cookin' Claire and her side-kick the Quirky Chef, along with a cast of colorful characters, fun-filled activities and information to help with your digestive evaluation. Or click here to read more about this workshop.

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OPTIONAL: Planetary Personalities is a sister-science where you can order a customized chart for your digestive personality. Consider
it a cosmic resource! 

Ancient astrology has kept its place since the beginning of time. Let's face it, we've all experienced the need for others to take care of us, yet it's also important that we learn to use all tools available (from earth to cosmos), to learn to take care of ourselves. Astrology can be seen as the spiritual branch of the body, mind and spirit. All three team up to support a proper functioning digestion for self-healing.